2011 Ambassador Winner

V. Narasimha Rao & Co. - India

V. Narasimha Rao & Co. is proud to be a distributor that does not sell illegal products. Not only is the facility constructed so it is not in close proximity to populated areas, but the company’s onsite security prevents children from playing within 250 meters of the property. Access to the facility is limited to a single controlled entry point during work hours, and it is locked and guarded in the off-hours. Local law enforcement is familiar with the facility’s security measures, which include an alarm system.

While the company is prepared for an emergency, preventative measures have been taken to minimize the possibility of an event. Chemical groups are separated and clearly marked, and all crop protection products are stored separately from other product types. The facility design protects products from heat and exposure, and loading and unloading points are designed to minimize accidental release and spillage. Storage is compliant with manufacturers’ recommendations, including the maximum limit for box piling, proper “tie-up” of piled boxes, and packages placed at least 50 cm away from the walls and one meter from the lights or roof. Materials Safety Data Sheets are available for every product received and stored at the facility.