2012 Ambassador Winner

AgriCenter - Mexico

"We cannot put the interests of business before the environment, because if we keep this attitude, we simply will not have future business," says Guillermo Rocha, the company's Northern Area Manager. It is this approach that exemplifies environmental respect at AgriCenter, winner of this year's country champion award for Mexico.

Located in Torreón in the country's northeastern Coahuila province, AgriCenter is devoted not only to its loyal customers but its surroundings. "We try to preserve a relationship of respect for the environment," says Rocha. "We live in the desert, so we have promoted a culture of water stewardship because not only is it a very scarce resource, but also because we care what we sell to our customers - that we do not contaminate the ground or negatively impact the environment."

The distribution company is also committed to the fight against illegal pesticides: In 2011, it joined DuPont's campaign to stop the trade of contraband and counterfeit products.

AgriCenter provides a wide range of consulting services including analysis of soil, water, plants and machinery and equipment, as well as collection and disposal services to customers for containers and pesticide residue. Staff members are trained in applications using methods that minimize exposure to pesticides, and the company has met with local emergency response agencies to review its facility layout, product inventory and emergency response plan. Furthermore, always a priority is promoting the principles of IPM to clients. All of these key services support its robust product offering of high-quality fertilizers, agrochemicals and seeds.

"We try to teach by example, not always easy, but it is one of the commitments that we made as a company," Rocha adds.