2012 Ambassador Winner

Agro Consulting International - Algeria

Agro Consulting International was founded in December 1994 in Algiers, Algeria by Mr. Rabah Allam, a 30-year agriculture industry veteran. His experience helped the company earn the confidence of multinationals like DuPont, Vilmorin and Asgrow, enabling it to offer a diverse lineup of products and solutions for the region's farmers.

"The safety of people and the environment are the main investments for a sustainable future," Allam says.

Agro Consulting International, the 2012 country champion for Algeria, today sees nearly $20 million in annual revenue and employs 120 people, with 10 regional offices and 13 distributors bolstering its presence nationwide. The company has adopted a strategy of training college recruits to strengthen its force of industry veterans - an approach it says has contributed to its success as a supplier of crop inputs to the region. Its efforts to transfer know-how and technology, as well as aid Algeria's agricultural development.

With its unwavering commitment to environment excellence, it is no surprise that Agro Consulting International is dedicated to delivering top product quality. In an effort to end the blight of counterfeit pesticides, the company is engaged in ongoing dialogue with Algeria's Ministry of Agriculture and Ministry of Environment to stop the importation of illegal or counterfeit products. All employees are trained in procedures to distinguish low-quality or illegal products, and the business pays meticulous attention to product formulations, packaging and labeling to help reduce risks to users and minimize the impact on the environment. It also regularly promotes the principles of IPM, and recommends and applies crop protection products in step.