2012 Ambassador Winner

Ciao Li Agrochemical - Taiwan

Ciao Li Agrochemical retail store has a rich history of community involvement, which involves a tradition of teaching responsible use, IPM and community education. The business offers consulting services for its array of products, which include pesticides crucial to crop productivity in Li Kang township in Taiwan's Pingtung province.

Its store has anti-counterfeiting and responsible use initiatives that are critical to transferring the appropriate agronomic and operational knowledge to farmers. As a retailer that prides itself on its relationship with local farmers, it has taken an active role in consultation, recordkeeping and execution of the most effective cropping strategies for the economic and operational sustainability of farming businesses, which have become the basis for stable communities in many towns.

Part of its service portfolio includes 1) consulting services on vegetation management and appropriate crop protection strategies, 2) fertility management, 3) maintaining application records for centralized reference, 4) responsible and proper use consulting, 5) soil sampling and 6) container recycling for proper disposal of potentially hazardous remnants from the responsible use of leading active substances. All of these initiatives are reinforced with regular employee training to ensure the transfer of proper use and good agricultural practices have a lasting impact on the farm community.

But it doesn't stop at setting an example with its customers. Its neighbors realize its dedication to stewardship each and every day.

"When our store does our daily cleaning in the morning, I do not limit the area to just include the store grounds; instead we clean the entire street from beginning to end," says store General Manager Fong Gui Jhong. "I hope that action can help to influence the neighborhood to see agriculture businesses in a more positive way."