2012 Ambassador Winner

Elgon Kenya Ltd. - Kenya

Elgon Kenya, a supplier to Kenya's floriculture and specialty crop industries, takes emergency preparedness to a new level.

With its main product line comprising greenhouse and field grade fertilizers, seeds and irrigation components, the company has made sure to instill measures that ensure security of company employees.

Elgon Kenya has only one access door to be used during normal working hours which is manned by security personnel at all times, according to the company. Other security measures include a perimeter that is well-fenced and an advanced alarm system.

Employees of Elgon Kenya also receive training on emergency procedures, which are posted throughout the facility. A board listing emergency contacts such as the nearest police station, fire and ambulance services is posted in case an incident occurs. In addition, emergency response drills and meetings with local law enforcement are conducted on a regular basis.

Elgon Kenya's slogan is "Produce food at low cost with less damage to environment." Their main focus is to assist farmers with obtaining products from reliable sources and in turn save them from livelihood losses resulting from counterfeit products.