2012 Ambassador Winner

Horticentre Pukekohe - New Zealand

Safety is first at Horticentre Limited. The Auckland Vegetable Growers Society founded Horticentre Pukekohe Limited, formerly Veg-Gro Supplies Limited, in 1981 to assist growers with maintaining their profitability and ensure they obtain a fair deal when purchasing their horticultural supplies.

Originally, they began bulk ordering chloropicrin. Since then, their business has expanded to include a myriad of insecticides, herbicides, fungicides, seeds biotechnology products and fertilizers.

Horticentre's staff takes care of its growers by frequently checking to make sure their concerns are addressed after product application. In addition, the company discourages the trade of illegal products by purchasing guaranteed products and ensuring new products have prior approval from the Ag-Chemical or Nutrition Manager before being entered into its sales system.

Horticentre Limited ensures that products are approved by the Ministry of Agriculture & Fisheries. The company's stewardship policy states it will not sell illegal products, and relevant authorities have been informed in the past when a competitor was involved in illegal activities.