2012 Regional Winner


GROWMARK FS Milford has taken the extra steps to protect its environment and community.

To hear Richard Draper, assistant seed and chemical manager, tell it, there's no mystery to why the GROWMARK FS facility in Milford, DE, is being honored with a 2012 Environmental Respect regional award. Doing business in various portions of Delaware, Maryland and Virginia (nicknamed "Delmarva"), with its heavy emphasis on water safety issues - particularly regarding the nearby Chesapeake Bay - has created an environment where everyone has had to keep these matters top-of-mind.

"This has meant that to run our business effectively, we need to constantly go beyond what is expected, to protect the people and land that surrounds us," says Draper. "Overall, we are very proactive as a result, not just reactive to what regulations are being put into place at the time."

Facility Safety

According to Matt Ivory, Delmarva seed and chemical manager for the outlet, GROWMARK Milford followed this proactive agenda when the company was initially building this facility back in 2006. As an example, he points to the product warehouse, which features a containment area that can accommodate 110% of the largest tank's capacity, a coating on the floor and permanently sealed containment drains.

GROWMARK Milford also has an active safety check and training program in place. "All emergency equipment is routinely inspected and updated as needed to make certain that all systems are fully functional at all times," says Ivory.

Overall, says Ivory, GROW­MARK Milford views these and its other measures as part of doing its job properly. "Daily, there are thousands of decisions being made within our organization that bring us closer to our ultimate goal of environmental stewardship," he says. "Brick by brick, we are building the long-term commitment to serve those that provide the food and fiber for others."