2012 Ambassador Winner

Synagro Comercial Agricola, Ltda. - Brazil

The landscape and crops grown resemble that of the US Corn Belt, but this 2012 World of Respect Ambassador is on the other side of the equator.

Synagro Comercial Agricola, Ltda., serves farmers in Bahia, Brazil with crop protection products, seed, fertilizer and consulting services. While the dominant crops in this area are soybeans, cotton and corn, Synagro's customers also include growers of coffee, bananas, citrus and papaya.

The company's goal of using products that are environmentally friendly, safe and healthy and its commitment to being an example for other agricultural businesses are just two of the reasons they were awarded this honor.

For Synagro, promoting stewardship means focused attention on the physical plant structure, as well as outreach to farmer customers.

The warehouse building is used exclusively to hold pesticides and is outfitted with mechanic ventilation for better control of air quality and temperature. A contention dike protects the surrounding area from accidental spills, and a rain drainage system prevents rain water from getting into the warehouse.

In addition to state-of-the-art facilities, training customers on the responsible use of crop protection products is an important goal for Synagro. Working face-to-face with growers, Synagro follows the products sold down to the end user, ensuring safety and spreading its message about the importance of environmental stewardship.