2012 Ambassador Winner

V. AGROTEK - Russia

The AGROTEK Group of companies has operated in the Russia crop protection and seeds markets since 1994, achieving a key goal to provide agricultural producers with highly effective agrochemicals and seeds.

AGROTEK utilizes the best possible resources for maintaining high storage, material handling and transport standards. Their facilities comply with all formal requirements for emergency preparedness and responsiveness.

For example, facility maps with emergency response procedures are available. In addition, AGROTEK also regularly conducts training for emergencies.  The company is cognizant of their partners' emergency and safety procedures and ensures all precautions are made within clients' guidelines as well.

Selling high-quality products is of importance to AGROTEK as well. The company hosts seminars and field days for the agricultural producers and farmers along with representatives of world-leading agrochemicals and seeds producers, to promote original products and seeds.

"The seminars and field days assist employees with differentiating an original product from a low-quality one," says Genady Grushko, director general.

They also encourage customers to use safe agriculture practices such as asking about advice from law enforcement if a situation arises.