2013 International Winner

Agro Amazônia Produtos Agropecuários - Brazil

Sidinei Nunes, human resources manager at Agro Amazônia, believes that it will take a careful balance to maintain Brazil’s monumental growth while keeping the environment in mind. "We are working to prevent pollution and minimize the impact agricultural activities can have on the environment," he explains.

In order to do this, the company has invested in projects with an aim to educate children and the community as a whole. Carrying out the message of environmental respect on a daily basis through lectures, field days and trainings, the company also goes the extra mile by participating regularly in major events such as fairs and agricultural conventions. In venues like these, Agro Amazônia can reach a greater audience than those directly linked to the industry.

For those with direct ties to agriculture, the company emphasizes the importance of risk management, worker safety and adherence to all laws and technical standards. "These practices are vital to humanity," says Nunes.

In order to carry them out, Agro Amazônia provides technical training to end users about raw materials, offers soil sampling services and pest-scouring to determine necessary nutrients and application timing, and actively follows their products to the end user to ensure instructions are followed.

"Agribusiness is critical to the sustainability of Brazil," says Nunes, "and respect for the environment is critical to business success."