2013 International Winner

Debbane Freres - Lebanon

When asked about his feelings about environmental respect, Aziz Ammar, marketing manager for Debbane Freres SAL, first addresses the challenges he sees in Lebanon: "There is a lot to be done at the farmer level, and unfortunately, there are no serious undertakings by officials at any level." But through the positive message about agriculture that Debbane Freres is carrying into the community, such as safe use of pesticides for farming and daily extension work, much can change for the better.

Debbane Freres has been a leading agricultural company in Lebanon for more than 56 years. Started by the Debbane family in 1952 in southern Lebanon, Debbane Freres is a member of CropLife's Pesticides Committee that is geared toward discouraging trade of low quality or illegal products, and it is also a member of the local association of importers.

"Wherever Debbane is present, it has vigorously contributed to the development of the agricultural sector by introducing new techniques and specialty products," Ammar says. "The success of our companies is the fruit of the close relationship between our team and the farmers that allows offering tailor-made solutions to their problems and supplying the adequate product to each market."