2013 International Winner

El Condor SA - Argentina

Agriculture is a fundamental source of income for the Argentinean economy. Determined to keep it a cornerstone for the nation, EL CONDOR SA believes that sustainability is key. "We believe it is necessary to care for the environment for future generations," explains the company’s Jose Luis Garcia.

With that long term thought in mind, El CONDOR has taken to conducting their day-to-day practices by the book. Occupying a facility that meets all safety requirements to the tee, EL CONDOR buys their products directly, without the use of a middle man. Furthermore, in an effort to discourage the trade of low quality or illegal products, the company transports their own goods and encourages client awareness for an extra level of protection against knock-offs.

In an effort to prepare for any worst-case-scenario event, EL CONDOR has designated an employee to be responsible for executing emergency procedures. Furthermore, the company keeps lists of emergency response agencies and contacts on hand, displayed prominently for quick reference. Closely monitoring any changing regulations, EL CONDOR regularly educates their employees through the use of drills and simulations so they can handle any situation that occurs.

"Making agriculture sustainable, is a responsibility that we take the utmost care to uphold," says Garcia," not only for the environment, but also for the people."