2013 International Winner

Miyang Agricultural - South Korea

Consulting services and custom application have become the lynchpin for sustainable crop protection applications around the world. These services provided by distributors help farmers leverage the expertise of professional applicators that can manage application rates, timing and collective pest pressures that arise in their regions of operation.

Miyang Agricultural Cooperatives allows its client farmers to prosper by giving the best consultancy in good agricultural practices while allowing farmers to concentrate on farm operations, marketing and purchasing contracts. Their support allows farmers to be more productive, efficient and to create better yields that, in turn, allows them to be more profitable and stable businesses for the agriculture communities they serve. The company's expertise is keenly necessary during adverse conditions as a result of weather events, pest outbreaks or changes in labor conditions.

"Crop protection business is growing with rural community and farmers based on agriculture," says Jung Se-Hun, technical consultant for Miyang Agricultural Cooperatives. "We are making efforts on various volunteer activities and donation programs to contribute various benefits to local society, like supporting labor for harvest season and providing rest a area during heat wave."

Miyang's community outreach promotes sustainable agriculture and articulates the value of agriculture to community stability, stewardship and the increasing responsibility that local agriculture has to create and maintain more reliable and predictable food production systems for food security that is managed for the benefit of the next generation.

"Environmental respect is linked closely with safe food and clean ground water, which are key factors in maintaining healthy lives of human beings," Jung says. "That's the reason we need to make an effort in everyday life."