2013 International Winner

Nueva Agricultura Novagro - Costa Rica

When delving into the topic of Environmental Respect, Diana Murillo Viquez, business administrator at Nueva Agricultura Novagro, first emphasizes not only why the subject is important to the company, but also why it should be important to everyone. Explaining that the environment is a resource that we have been draining far too quickly, she says that it's time to change the way we're acting towards respect on a large scale in order to better take care of the planet.

In order to do this, Novagro has been promoting a culture of caring, not only within its four walls, but also in the company's town through good agricultural practices training, the installation of a recycling center complete with collection service and through collaboration with local schools to educate on the practices of reducing, reusing and recycling. "Anything we can do to make a change for the better, from our homes to our day-to-day business practices, we try to implement for the greater good," explains Viquez.

Furthermore, in serving its clients, Novagro takes the time to train on how to apply its products as well as care for the containers after use is complete. Regarding education outreach, Viquez says, "We are thorough with our training so our consumers can identify any problems with the products or crops immediately on their own."

In its own day-to-day work, Novagro employees are given every opportunity to do what they can for environmental improvement. From standard installations like paper shredders and electricity conservancy notices, to more precautionary measures like the placement of spill kits in every Novagro truck, the company is covering all its bases.