2013 International Winner

Pukekohe Growers Supplies - New Zealand

Education for growers is an ongoing proposition with ever-changing laws, regulations and new research that helps evolve good agricultural practices. At Pukekohe Growers Supplies, technical field reps transfer the latest knowledge and standards by scouting crops and pests so they can use the most effective and sustainable chemical protocols possible. Consultants advocate the use of IPM whenever possible and hold farmer education evenings in their purpose-build meeting rooms at their facility.

Grower meetings go a few steps further than recommending chemistries and protocols. Ongoing education includes water management for yield optimization, disease forecasting and GAP that includes crop rotation.

"We host a National Grower Conference biannually that focuses on relevant seasonal issues, including Harvest and Post-harvest Management and Global and Local GAP certification assistance," says Lyn Larsen, administration and health and safety coordinator for Pukekohe Growers Supplies.

The outfit also provides its AgRecovery container recycling program, which gives growers a viable collection point and also allows cardboard and plastic containers to be repurposed into agriculture supply bins. The benefits to its clients and the community continue to improve as the organization continues to prioritize stewardship as a core principle of its operations.

"Environmental respect is at the forefront of decisions we make regarding purchasing, selling, storage and distribution of our products to customers," Larsen says. "The success of our business will come from assisting our customers to produce profitable, quality crops in an environmentally responsible and sustainable manner."