2013 International Winner

Spectr-Agro - Ukraine

Agriculture is one of the fastest growing sectors in the Ukrainian economy. Blessed with some of the widest agricultural plains in Europe and exceptionally fertile soil, the country is one of the top suppliers of grain to world markets. "So, it is our life," says Mykola Glushko, commercial director of LLC Spectr-Agro of Kiev.

The facility takes great care to ensure it is operating in the safest, most environmentally friendly way possible. It actively follows its products to the end user, making sure of proper use and taking note of any problems and promoting the principles of Integrated Pest Management. Employees are trained in every aspect of product knowledge, handling and safety. LLC Spectr-Agro’s motto is, "Use the best in your field to be more attractive for the consumer of your yield."

"Environmental Respect is my contribution to the better today and future of my country and kids. Our company has a serious and responsible image and we invest in long-term future," Glushko says.

"We provide a series of seminars to teach our farmers to use crop protection products according to high-level standards," Glushko says. In addition, the company helps get the word out to the community through direct mailing and a magazine.

Its one-of-kind, world-class, crop protection product facility in Ukraine is clean, modern and built according to high EU standards for safety and security. The company works only with the biggest, most reputable suppliers and deals directly with them, refusing to take any chance on acquiring low-quality or illegal products.