2013 Spirit Winner

Wabash Valley Service Co. - Browns, IL

Four years after winning the National Environmental Respect Award, Wabash Valley Browns has again been honored for excellence in environmental stewardship.  This time they’ve been honored with the Spirit of Respect Award for 2013 to salute their continuing efforts in safety and protecting the environment.

Environmental stewardship has always played an important role at the Wabash Valley Service Co. outlet in Browns, IL. “Doing what is environmentally correct is just the way we do business,” said Dmitri Krajec, nutrient management and assistant plant manager. “But it’s nice to get recognized for this effort.”

Back in 2009, this facility was honored for its environmental stewardship practices with a National trophy in the Environmental Respect Awards competition, sponsored by DuPont Crop Protection in partnership with CropLife magazine. In 2013, the company continued its winning environmental respect ways by taking home the Spirit Award. This award was created by the Environmental Respect program a few years ago to honor those past Regional and National Environmental Respect Award winners that have continued to excel or improve their stewardship efforts.

“I would like to thank all our employees for making this possible by believing in our company’s approach to protecting the environment and community we live in,” said Krajec, accepting the Spirit Award at a special ceremony at the Hotel DuPont in Wilmington, DE. “It’s a real honor to know that our winning environmental respect recognition a few years apart was no fluke.”

Environmental Respect Awards judges thought the Wabash Valley Browns facility deserved this honor for its latest stewardship-minded improvements. This included placing a manual stop in the chemical bays of its mixing area to stop water flow in case of overfilling or when rinsing containers, adding color-coded piping in the crop protection product building crop protection product building from the bulk tanks to the mixing vats to minimize product blending mistakes and replacing the existing fertilizer loadouts bins with stainless steel ones.

In the future, said Krajec, the Wabash Valley Browns facility will continue to make stewardship-worthy improvements. “Winning a Spirit Award after having won a National Environmental Respect Award is a great honor,” he said. “I think our whole plant and all of our employees work hard at being respectful of our environment and deserve this recognition.”