2014 Ambassador Winner

Agroliga LLC - Russia

Agroliga is based in Moscow and is helping to spread responsible use of agriculture technologies throughout Russia and Belarus, where it distributes crop protection products to more than 2,500 clients.

Agroliga prides itself on tailoring the seeds, fertilizers, pesticides, equipment and consulting services it sells to the needs of individual farmers. One way the company accomplishes this is through education. The company held a field demonstration day in Rostov in May 2014 in order to educate farmers on how to adapt to the latest scientific developments in agricultural technologies that target crops common in the Rostov region.

The company believes that innovation is the key to success as new technology fosters greater efficiency, less waste and more bountiful yields, which all improve the quality of life of their customers. As such, Agroliga continually collaborates with Russian and international research institutions, constantly reinvests in new technologies and new employee training and stays abreast of market and industry studies, trends and technological developments.

Agroliga's overarching goal is to provide agricultural producers with the tools they need to be successful: highly effective agrochemicals and seeds that comply with global environmental safety standards.

"The future of agriculture is closely connected with the highest ecological standards. We carry this message to all levels of the agricultural community, from farmers to retailers to governmental bodies," says Andrey Vasilyer, Agroliga general director.