2014 Ambassador Winner

Anuradha Enterprises - India

Anuradha understands that environmental respect is essential for sustainable business, and conversely that taking the environment for granted can have serious negative consequences. The company places great importance on caring for and preserving the environment.

Based in New Delhi, India, the company operates a warehouse for the storage and transport of various mixed chemical materials, including paint and ink coatings, plastic master batches and crop protection products. Its client base is located in northern India.

In business for more than 30 years, Anuradha has aimed to light the way and set an example for its stakeholders by demonstrating ways to make the world a better place.

For Director Anurag Agrawal, every interaction with farmers, dealers and agriculture professionals is an educational opportunity. "I leave no stone unturned in educating or getting educated in matters of environmental respect," he says.

The correct methods of application, the appropriate products for the right crops, correct dosages and timely application are all key elements of crop protection that benefit Anuradha and its clients in their efforts to protect the environment.

The company provides training to farmers and retailers in the community including guidance on safety, soil sampling and other scientific procedures, authentic product use advocacy and good agricultural practices (GAP).