2014 Ambassador Winner

Atlantis Tarim - Turkey

For Atlantis Tarim, respecting the label on the package and respecting the environment are one in the same.

Based in sprawling Bursa in northwest Turkey, the company takes its obligation to educate customers on the proper use of crop protection products very seriously. The company follows the creed that if it can create a strong, stable base of customers, partners, employees and stakeholders who all believe in the principles of ecological stewardship, then it will create a sustainable foundation for future success. As a young company, it wants to grow according to the concept that sustainability is only possible when the environment is protected and safe.

"If we can manage to get everyone around us to respect the environment, we will create a sustainable base for the future by working with stewardship principles," says Owner and General Manager Varol Ögüt.

"Sustainability is fundamental for our company and it is only possible if and when we protect our environment," he says. "We can succeed if we start to care about our neighborhoods, change the old behaviors and setting the standards with the people we deal with. If we do it in a sustainable way, we can create a positive future for everybody! To help our planet, we need to sell high-quality products and use them very wisely within label restrictions and according to good practices. We need education in order to wisely use water resources, and this would be our contribution to preserving the environment," says Ögüt.