2014 Ambassador Winner

Castrolanda Agroindustrial Cooperative Ltd. - Brazil

Headquartered in Castro, Brazil, Castrolanda is a regional leader in environmental stewardship and social responsibility. The company maintains several programs to ensure that it is continually improving its relationships with the community and others who are concerned about the health of the environment.

Castrolanda's selective collection program is an information campaign designed to educate employees and other specialists on the proper ways to separate, sort, reuse and recycle waste.

The company's Environmental Attitude program is also an information campaign that aims to raise awareness of veterinary residues and how to help preserve the environment through properly sorting, packaging and transporting these materials.

The Environmental Atlas program is Castrolanda's stand-out initiative. Launched in 2012, it is an educational program for municipal schoolteachers. Castrolanda provides training for educators on how to use Castrolanda's Environmental Atlas book in the classroom. The Atlas contains city data, maps, satellite photos and other graphs that teachers are able to incorporate into lessons.

In addition to compliance with environmental regulations, Castrolanda is also committed to reforestation, reusing water, crop rotation and tillage, air pollution reduction and control, waste management and emphasizing renewables in order to foster prosperity and sustainability through a balanced and sustainable use of resources, land, plants and animals.