2014 Regional Winner

Ceres Solutions - Templeton, IN

Ceres Solutions of Templeton, IN, is not just another pretty facility.

While wide ranging improvements to its physical plant, including a new try fertilizer unloading system with rooftop conveyor, new touch screen controls for its liquid loadout, and an updated climate controlled load bay operations office clearly demonstrate its commitment to continuous improvement, it’s the spirit of environmental respect at Ceres Templeton that place it as a regional winner in 2014.

"The positive message about agriculture that we believe our location has carried into our community is that by doing the right thing – feeding the world, providing for our families, adding value, helping out customers be more successful, and operating a profitable and thriving business – can occur at the same time we are working to eliminate waste, conserve natural resources, reduce our carbon footprint, enrich our communities, and protect our environment," says Tom Stein, location manager.

One particularly unique initiative is the location’s "Community Relations Strategy," which outlines its mission and plan for community outreach and spreading the good message of agriculture.