2014 Ambassador Winner

Chemical Agrosava - Serbia

Headquartered in Novi Beograd, Serbia, with production facilities located approximately 16 miles outside of Belgrade, Agrosava honors its commitment to environmental respect through consistency and attention to detail in its daily operations. Its facilities and operating procedures ensure that the highest standards are met.

To promote high-quality product, the company trains employees on proper production practices and standards via an official quality policy. As a leader in pesticide, plastic packaging and corn seed production, environmental protection has always been an important part of the company dialogue and the educational courses it provides for its clients.

Agrosava does business based on trust. To build relationships, foster longevity and promote open communication with its clients, it conducts regular training sessions in the field and has had a fully-integrated quality management system in place since 2005 to offer further peace of mind to its customers. The company's expert advice has propelled its involvement with the community forward and it is known in industry circles for its guidance on which products to choose, when to apply them and how much product to apply. It also offers farmers assistance in scouting before application and after application to measure the effects of a product.

The company trains all of its employees on the importance of environmental awareness, agronomic services for farmers and the company's impact and role as a leader in the community.