2014 Ambassador Winner

Dalby Rural Supplies - Australia

Australia-based Dalby Rural Supplies makes it a point to promote environmental sustainability among its clients so they can mitigate the potential adverse effects that farming activities might have.

The company agronomists conduct at least 600 paddock soil tests annually and produce a comprehensive fertilizer report for each tested area. Based on these reports, Dalby develops custom fertilizer plans for its clients tailored to their crop requirements and yield potential.

Dalby also hosts educational "spray dye night" demonstrations in which the company adds purple dye to spray tanks, does a spray application, and then displays the sprayed paddock under UV lights at night. Participating farmers can gain a fuller understanding of exactly how different application methods, nozzles, ground speeds, boom heights and other environmental conditions can change distribution patterns.

Another priority for Dalby is water conservation. It promotes technologies that enable its clients to monitor the amount of water they use for irrigation. The process involves placing sensors in paddocks to record moisture levels in the soil and how much water plants are using. Based on this data, farmers receive alerts when crops require watering, eliminating guesswork and streamlining operations.

All of this enables Dalby's clients to increase productivity with minimal negative effects on the land.