2014 Ambassador Winner

DC Cruz Trading Corp. - Philippines

DC Cruz's definition of agriculture is broad and all-encompassing, according to General Manager Ruby Tania Cruz. The Bacolod City, Philippines-based company views the industry not only as a way to produce food and feed the world but also as a way to improve the environment.

When operations have the potential to negatively impact health or the environment, DC Cruz makes a point to mitigate and offset those potential effects through community involvement. By organizing and investing in multiple outreach programs, the company is able to educate stakeholders on the importance of sustainable agriculture.

DC Cruz organized the 2011 Farmers' Fun Run, a race and family fun day for laborers that also used activities and videos to highlight good agricultural practices (GAP) and stewardship. The company works closely with the Philippine Lumene School and provides scholarships to the children of farmers. Ms. Cruz herself actively volunteers at the Negros Farmers' Weekend Market, a public education project she founded as a way to provide direct market access and sales venues to produce farmers as well as inform the public about healthy food and environmentally respectful farming. The Weekend Market is also a forum for community educators, free seminars and the exchange of information.

"It is important that people know that progressive agrochemical companies such as DuPont invest heavily to make agriculture greener to ensure the health of the public and the environment," she says.