2014 Ambassador Winner

Farmex S.A. - Peru

Peru-based Farmex S.A. prides itself on being an industry leader in strict quality control and it is through these high standards that it fosters environmental sustainability. Founded in 1979, the company originated as part of Union Carbide and today is under the umbrella of the Fierro Group of companies. The company both manufactures and distributes crop protection products to 1,000 customers in Peru and exports internationally.

Farmex is committed to community development, preventing pollution, environmental conservation and ensuring the safety and security of all of its employees by following best safety practices. The organization is certified for its Integrated Management System that tracks its quality benchmarks for product development, product formulation, packaging, health and safety and environmental protection.

Farmex's facilities in Puente Piedra stringently adhere to safety and environmental standards. At more than 72,000 square feet, the plant is divided into an area for production and another for storage.

The production area consists of three main sectors. The first is used for formulating and packaging 22 liquid insecticide products. Second is an area dedicated to mixing and grinding powder insecticides and pellet production. Automated packing machines create containers then automatically fill, seal and trim them. The third area, used for herbicide production, is isolated from the rest of the facility in order to adhere to quality control standards and prevent contamination.

The two buildings that make up the storage area contain sections for raw materials and finished products in addition to a refrigerated seed compartment.

The property also contains an area for seed germination analysis.