2014 Ambassador Winner

Podlesch S.A. - Argentina

Rio Negro, Argentina-based Podlesch S.A. promotes newer agriculture technologies to give its customers the best products available for pest control and yield management. Additionally these products tend to be low-toxicity and low-use products, so application rates are miniscule compared to their legacy counterparts.

The newer technologies also allow Podlesch to address good agricultural practices during the product education process. Responsible water use, resistance management, spray drift reduction and lifecycle product management can be addressed while educating farmers about the most efficient and effective products for their operations.

This holistic approach to farm management – which also includes complete agronomic consulting, soil testing, records storing and application services – enables farmers to be more profitable, productive and stable for the immediate and long term. This creates better businesses and more stable communities where they operate.

Podlesch also provides marketing and distribution services for produce, which allows them to integrate education about MRLs, especially for high-value fruits and vegetables crops destined for highly regulated markets. This oversight and advice about inputs and outputs alike positions it as a true partner to its grower customers and allows them to thrive and create more prosperous and stable communities where they operate.