2014 National Winner

Centennial Ag Supply - Yuma, CO

For the second time in a row, representatives from a Centennial Ag Supply outlet were awarded the National winners trophy in the annual Environmental Respect Awards ceremony, sponsored by DuPont Crop Protection with assistance from CropLife magazine. At this year's event, held in Wilmington, DE, the Centennial Ag Supply facility in Yuma, CO, bested four other regional competitors for the top honor.

Jake Adler

Jake Adler

"This is amazing," said Regional Manager Jake Adler, accepting the crystal trophy. "I just can't believe it. Thank you."

Yuma Centennial Ag Supply features an outlet with many environmentally-friendly features. This includes containment dikes, indoor product storage and dedicated product lines that are clearly numbered to prevent mix-ups when dispensing crop protection products to grower-customers.

However, in addition to physical commitments to environmental respect, Yuma Centennial Ag Supply also promotes these ideals in other ways as well. "Farmers in the area are using the latest precision agriculture equipment," said Alder. "The job of servicing an increasing demand for precision farming has pretty well fallen on my shoulders in this area. We are mapping fields using a zone management approach and growers are asking for information about both variable-rate fertilizer and seeding."

"Their handiwork and dedication has earned them the respect of a growing customer base," said Jim Fargo, the 2013 National winner of the Environmental Respect Award for the Centennial Ag Supply facility in Kersey, CO. "I couldn't be more proud of the team at Yuma. They've certainly earned this award through all the hard work they've done to promote the concept of environmental respect."