2015 Ambassador, Latin America Winner

Agro Amazônia Produtos Agropecuários - Brazil

Since its founding in 1983, Agro Amazônia Produtos Agropecuários has been driven by the desire to contribute to sustainable development of agribusiness. Agro Amazônia has become one of the leaders in the agricultural market in Mato Grosso, Mato Grosso South, Goiás, Tocantins and Pará, offering farmers a wide range of products and services.

Safety is so important to Agro Amazônia that the company includes it among its core values. Agro Amazônia promotes and maintains a safe, healthy work environment to protect everyone involved in the business, as well as the property and environment.

Emergency equipment such as eye rinse stations and showers, fire extinguishers and a trained fire brigade crew are among the safety measures in place. Containment areas in case of leaks are in place and damaged and expired products are kept in a segregated area.

All employees wear proper personal protective equipment when handling products and take part in training appropriate to their area of work. The company shares that belief with its customers selling more than 3,000 full personal protective equipment kits last year.

Agro Amazônia works hard to teach farmers about proper application and disposal of products to make sure they are used safely and effectively.

In addition, the company works with suppliers, government organizations and the community at large to communicate the importance of agriculture to the growth and development of Brazil and the world at large through conferences and television and radio interviews.

The message is simple: Brazil has the climate, water availability, soil, natural resources, topography and technology to meet 40% of the required increase in global food production. Agro Amazônia and other interested parties must invest in improving farming productivity while maintaining social and environmental responsibility.