2015 Latin America Winner

El Bozal SRL - Argentina

At El Bozal SRL, it's not just about selling quality products to customers. The company insists on making sure those products are being used properly. After all, every employee and every member of their families lives in the community where the company operates. El Bozal wants not just to maintain the standard of living but to improve it for everyone in the country.

With that as an approach, El Bozal promotes the responsible use of phytosanitary products, applied in the most environmentally friendly manner. It’s more than just having the products. The company employs the ongoing advice of a consulting hygiene and safety expert engineer.

The company actively takes what it learns and shares it with farmers and others in the community. That message is spread in a variety of mass media means including regular radio and television commercials.

The El Bozal organization has more than 38 years of experience in the market, advising, selling and providing the best products available. The company offers a wide variety of seeds, agrochemicals and fertilizers for agricultural production.

In addition to the products, El Bozal provides a variety of support services in the communities in which the company operates. A staff of professionals receives constant training to make sure they have the latest information to share with growers.

Finally, El Bozal employs the best practices for handling agrochemicals and seeds in up-to-date, quality facilities. A highly trained staff of professionals provide the advice customers need.