2015 Asia/Pacific Winner

Jinan China-Australia Ecoglobal Agricultural Science And Technology - China

At Jinan China-Australia Ecoglobal Agricultural Science and Technology, sustainability means combining long-term business success with environmental and social responsibility. The company, which was founded in 2007 as a China-Australia joint venture with its primary office located in the Jinan Hi-Tech Development Zone in Shandong Province, serves as a sales platform for DuPont products. Its 80 dealers and 1,500 retailers all follow DuPont worker and environmental safety practices.

Farmer education and safety are high priorities. Through field demonstrations, technical seminars and farmer meetings, the company trains farmers about product usage and safety principles including integrated pest management, risk management, personal protection equipment and waste package collection.

In 2014, farmers in the company-sponsored Shandong Agriculture College summer program learned about local crops, pest and disease issues and how to correctly and safely use pesticides from agriculture students. Through this program, Jinan China-Australia EcoGlobal provides technical guidance and professional training to help farmers solve actual problems.

At the company’s main office and warehouse, a complete emergency response plan is in place. Workers carefully track the products as they arrive at the loading dock, verifying the quantity and identity of the shipments. Emergency response materials and a wastewater ditch installed along the platform can collect any spills and allow for easy cleanup. Specific workers are trained to be in charge of daily safety checks and facility maintenance.

Jinan China-Australia EcoGlobal believes in partnering with farmers to enable them to continue growing food in an efficient, sustainable way, and to work with them to design the farming tools of the future.