2015 Latin America Winner

Lof Agro de Guasave SA de CV - Mexico

In its 45 years of operation,  Lof Agro de Guasave SA de CV has been a visible leader, fully committed to environmentally friendly management of crop protection products and agriculture in Sinaloa state and throughout Mexico.

“Lof Agro has the need and the ongoing commitment of taking care of our natural resources, including water, soil, air and crops; therefore, we educate our growers and employees on the right and safe use of crop protection products, and we support integrated pest management as well as active-ingredient resistance management because it’s important to maintain the sustainability of those molecules in the marketplace and have long-term pest control tools,” says Exiquio Lopez, co-director of the company.

The company is continuously working to make improvements in its operations and facilities. Workers are thoroughly trained in safety and emergency procedures and provided with appropriate personal protection equipment. Warning and informational signs help keep employees safe, along with first aid and quick-access shower facilities. The company has received the Socially Responsible Corp. award from the Mexican Center for Philanthropy for two consecutive years.

The company takes seriously its responsibility to help growers produce healthy, safe and high quality food products that benefit thousands of families in Mexico and abroad. Many of its growers are exporting their products thanks to their excellent management practices as well as the safety and quality of their crops.

“We serve growers, carriers, employees and suppliers, working as a team in a joint effort to produce more and better quality products, taking care of our land and our environment, improving our facilities, processes and customer service while taking care of ethics in our businesses,” Lopez says. “We want to be part of a world where respect prevails in all senses, in all our businesses and for all the people.”