2015 Ambassador, Asia/Pacific Winner

PGG Wrightson - New Zealand

PGG Wrightson is a leading provider to the agricultural sector offering a wide range of products, services and solutions to growers, farmers and processors in New Zealand and internationally. The company is recognized worldwide as a leader in the field of grain and seed.

“Environmental respect is about ensuring that your inputs today do not impact on tomorrow’s need,” says Catherine McCormick, Rural Supplies Store Manager. “In my district of Ashburton, the intensification of land use has been brought about by the harnessing of water through massive irrigation schemes. Environmentally, the storage of water from rivers in flood goes a long way to providing sustainable irrigation for our future to grow high yielding crops and pastures. It is through our collective responsibility to educate ourselves that profit can be achieved with good stewardship of the land and water and to share this knowledge with other sectors of the community.”

The company puts a high priority on sustainability and stewardship, believing that it is vital to provide food for an increasing population, but to do it as part of a sustainable future plan. All employees are required to have Approved Handlers Certificates and Level One first aid certification. They are required to wear proper personal protective equipment and have bimonthly meetings with suppliers and staff to discuss best practices in relation to chemical products and fertilizer.

PGG Wrightson is proactive in emergency preparedness, with numerous first aid stations, quarterly checks by staff to identify hazards and to make sure all emergency kits are checked. In the event of an emergency, each employee has a designated role and biannual emergency evacuation drills are held. A yearly mock exercise is held to simulate a chemical spill, providing workers with a real-life situation they must respond to. Lockable double gates and an electronic alarm system keep the facility secure. With all staff members having individual swipe cards to enter, clients enter through the retail store and are escorted to the warehouse area for their own safety.

PGG Wrightson provides training to farmers in the field and the classroom, as well as a monthly publication. The company works with farmers on trials and has an Integrated Pest Management Monitoring Team that traps and identifies pests and enters information into a database that helps farmers both locally and nationally.