2015 Asia/Pacific Winner

PT Lokamitra Agromandiri - Indonesia

The Environmental Respect Awards program truly resonates with PT Lokamitra Agromandiri. The company’s efforts earned Country Champion honors in 2006. Located in Bandar Lampung, Indonesia, PT Lokamitra Agromandiri feels a kindred spirit with the creators of the ERA program sharing a vision and mission that expresses their care for the environment.

The company’s stated vision is to be a leading distributor of pesticide and fertilizer product to the active and developing agricultural industry while reducing the environmental impact in Lampung Province.

The owners of PT Lokamitra Agromandiri know that they cannot accomplish that on their own. They must work with everyone in their supply chain including more than 320 customers/dealers to educate farmers on sustainable business practices that focus on quality, safety and the environment. To deliver on that vision, they extend the concept with the four pillars that comprise the company’s mission:

  1. Provide the best services to our customers
  2. Build strong partnerships with principles, customers and farmers
  3. Customer safety and satisfaction is our priority
  4. Employees are our key for doing sustainable business.

The company’s owners and employees know agriculture plays a critically important role in the community in which they operate. The work they do helps increase the quality and quantity of food for the communities they serve. Lokamitra employees help everyone get the food they need to eat, and the company will strive to deliver its core values in every activity in the community. Those core values are hard work, trust and commitment. Safety and security are the top priority.

The company regularly conducts training on the proper use of personal protective equipment and ensures that both employees and customers know how to properly handle and apply the products they are using.

Lokamitra employees strive to deliver the company’s core values in every activity in the community. Those core values are hard work, trust and commitment with safety and security being the top priorities.