2016 Asia/Pacific Winner

Akshatha Agro Vet Agencies - India

Akshatha Agro Vet Agencies recognizes it is imperative growers produce more from limited resources to feed the ever growing population and the role crop protection chemicals play in enhancing production and productivity. “It is also important that we use them responsibly and wisely for a sustainable agriculture and to mitigate food security challenges,” says Akshatha Agro’s P.S. Krishnaiah Setty. “We’ve inculcated stewardship as a core value for our business.”

A big part of that approach has been the Bengaluru, India-company’s association with DuPont, a relationship that began when DuPont began doing business in India nearly 24 years ago.

Akshatha Agro sells through retailers, not growers, but that doesn’t mean the company’s environmental stewardship approach hasn’t earned the growers’ respect. “Through our dedicated efforts for protecting the environment, we have established our image and good will with several key stakeholders including the farming community,” Setty says. “They now look forward to our support or guidance on various aspects of agriculture including crop protection. This has helped us strengthen the bond with our customers. It is an investment itself for a sustainable business for us as well. Serving our own community gives a feeling of self-satisfaction and pride for us.”

Akshatha Ago conducts what it calls Stewardship Days for farmers that involve key stakeholders, including agriculture department officials, twice a year. The company works closely with the Department of Agriculture and most recently had the Joint Director of Agriculture, the District Health officer, and many other key officials participate.

“We educated farmers on using crop protection products responsibly and on the issue of counterfeits,” Setty says. “As a moral obligation we got a signed declaration from all retailers that they will encourage responsible and safe use of crop protection products and at the same time provide product on invoice to farmers.”