2016 Asia/Pacific Winner

B&W Rural - Australia

As both an advisor and supplier, B&W Rural is directly involved in farmers’ thought processes and decision-making.

“As such we have a moral and philosophical obligation to steer agriculture in a sustainable direction coupled with responsible environmental stewardship,” B&W’s Megan Adams says. “Better technologies are continually creating better environmental outcomes in all facets of agriculture and none more so than pesticide and application technology.”

The Moree, Australia-based company has been at the cutting edge of these technological changes. These stewardship and environmental outcomes have multifaceted benefits such as:

  • better perceptions of agriculture in the community and in particular with city populations and legislators,
  • better access to markets,
  • better prices for our commodities,
  • better working conditions for farmers and employees,
  • greater profitability, and
  • increased land prices.

All of these outcomes benefit B&W Rural and their clients.

“B&W Rural considers one of the most important roles is to be a reliable and trusted distributor of information,” Adams says. “Not only do we actively document the results of our R&D activities, but also we pass on information from other sources which we think are relevant to our clients and communities.

“As advisers of many of the top dryland and irrigated growers in the NW New South Wales, we have a pivotal position in the adoption of new agricultural technologies.”

Whatever B&W Rural does for its community and customers, the company knows that safety and stewardship begins at home.

“Everything in the B&W Rural yard has been designed to maximize safety for staff, customers, suppliers, transport operators, and also the environment,” Adams says. “We have storm water drainage shut-off available in case of a spill. There are spill kits, safety showers, personal protective equipment available to all staff, and regular training days in chemical safety and awareness are conducted.”

In addition, “B&W Rural has a strong focus on new technologies and sustainability and sees inferior or unregulated products as a threat to our future. We actively campaign against traders and supply companies who deal in such product. We maintain an active interest and feed information to the APVMA on these issues.”