2016 Latin America Winner

Castrolanda Cooperativa Agroindustrial - Brazil

Founded in 1951 in Brazil’s Parana state, Castrolanda Cooperativa Agroindustrial is no stranger to social and environmental responsibility and outreach.

This past year, the cooperative of 849 producers took on a project it calls “EMBRACE.” Through actions such as its Winter Campaign, Christmas Solidarity, and Children’s Day, it makes important connections in the community, educating and spreading positive messages. Its Sustainability in Action campaign, for example, supports a cooperative of waste pickers of recyclable materials in Castro, Parana.

In addition, Castrolanda’s Cooperjovem educational and outreach program serves children in more than 20 municipal schools in Castro and South Pirai. It donates to 39 institutions of many types throughout Sao Paolo and Parana, and also participates in Project DuPont School to promote safe farming in the community and support positive attitudes about agriculture.

“Sales of agrochemicals must be a responsible act at all stages, from the technical recommendation in the field, through storage all the way through transport,” says Andrea Toniolo Kubaski, Coordinator of Agricultural Marketing.

“In communities we take a positive message about agribusiness mainly through job creation, reaching all the way from operational positions through to management. At the national level, we carry the message through investments in industrialization disseminated through print, internet and television, reaching the community in general and the business community. Internationally, we make visits and contracts for the sale of the brands produced by the cooperative.”