2016 Latin America Winner

Cerealista Moldes SA - Argentina

Cerealista Moldes provides insecticides, herbicides, fungicides, seed, fertilizer (bagged, bulk, and liquid). The company also offers consulting services and works with customers to improve their operations.

The company works hard to improve its own environmental stewardship along with that of its customers. In the past year Cerealista earned premium plus certification according to Camara de Sanidad Agropecuaria y Fertilzantes (CASAFE) protocol, a continuous improvement program applied to safety certification of deposits of plant protection products.

In fact, everything about the company, including the way its structures were designed, are a testament to the focus on safety. The walls of the facility were built with reinforced concrete to help limit fire damage. The building itself sits far away from any public facilities including residential housing, schools, shopping centers, and other populated areas.

Cerealista has all the proper safety equipment — fire extinguishers, emergency shower, personal protective equipment, safety goggles, first aid kits, and gloves, etc. — but none of that is very effective if employees don’t know how to use it properly. The company makes sure that workers are trained and that training is updated regularly.

Regular training is key to a safe working environment. The vast majority of accidents in any business are caused by human error. Cerealista Moldes does everything it can to make sure employees are properly trained on how to move and store these crop protection products.

Cerealista also works with DuPont to ensure that the products it does sell are as safe as possible for employees and growers. Special attention is paid to ensure that the products distributed are properly labeled formulations that are packaged to reduce risks to users and minimizes adverse effects on the environment.

Some of the company’s most effective sustainable environmental approaches are the simplest. Whether it’s keeping track of the products sold to customers, educating them about the proper use of those products, tracking application, or working to make sure the right product is used at the right time, Cerealista Moldes’ focus is on helping customers and the environment.