2016 North America Winner

Crop Production Services - Salinas, CA

Based in Salinas, CA, the Crop Production Services (CPS) outlet here is no stranger to environmental stewardship. In fact, according to Christopher Jimenez, Environmental, Health, & Safety Manager for the company, being located in one of the strictest states in the country when it comes to environmental rules has driven the outlet forward throughout its entire history.

“As an applicator of agrichemicals and fertilizer, we hold ourselves personally responsible for maintaining the highest environmental standards in the industry,” says Jimenez. “We have been extremely successful in assisting our customers to lower their fertilizer inputs, in order to meet California state regulations, while helping to increase yields through responsible agronomic practices.”

Besides helping its grower-customers with environmental stewardship, CPS Salinas also employs these tenets at its own facility, says Jimenez. Its warehouses feature concrete floors that are well maintained with any cracks that may have developed being “promptly sealed.” These structures also have a secondary concrete containment berm in case of any major spills.
“We have spill kits strategically located throughout our facility that allow us to quickly respond to, contain, and clean up any spills,” he says. In addition, all equipment that may generate contaminated runoff such as mixers, fertilizer hoppers, and dumpsters are kept covered in case of rain.

Speaking of rain, Jimenez says the proper management of water is a major issue in California, particularly in CPS Salinas’ neck of the woods. “The issue of nitrate leaching in the Salinas Valley Watershed has been recognized as a serious problem for the past 50 years,” he says. “To help combat the situation, we have developed an aggressive water management and protection plan at our facility.” For example, the company does not allow rinsing of any equipment in its yard and uses an elaborate filtration system for stormwater runoff.

“By bringing global nutrient management solutions to local growers, we provide our customers with the products, services, and solutions they need to reduce the environmental impact of their agriculture operations,” says Jimenez. “We’re doing our part to help ensure the health and vitality of the soil, water, and air of America for generations to come.”