2016 North America, Ambassador Winner

Crop Production Services - Vanceboro, NC

Editor’s note: CPS Vanceboro was one of four retailers named 2016 Environmental Respect Award winner for the North America Region. The North Carolina retailer was also one of four companies honored as a 2016 Ambassador of Respect during a ceremony in July 2016 in Wilmington, DE, home of ERA sponsor DuPont Crop Protection. Here is an inside look at CPS Vanceboro.

Located in the countryside of North Carolina, the Crop Production Services (CPS) outlet in Vanceboro has done whatever it can to further the cause for environmental respect. “We feel that being a responsible environmental steward is not only required, but is the right thing to do,” says Tommy Greene, Facility Manager. “We are committed to advance new technologies, products, and provide information to train our employees and growers as the agricultural world continues to evolve.”

To this end, CPS Vanceboro has invested significant capital into its facility to ensure that it is operating “above and beyond” any federal and state regulations with regard to the environment and safety. This includes the use of secondary containment on the outlet’s bulk storage, chemical warehouse, seed warehouse, and liquid fertilizer tank farms. In addition, CPS Vanceboro’s onsite gas and diesel fuel tanks feature double walled construction and are surrounded by a heavy-duty, galvanized steel fence to prevent accidental impacts.

Another part of this investment in stewardship extends to the company’s stormwater system. According to Greene, this consists of a cement rectangle structure with a cement wall running through the middle. “Stormwater enters one half of the cement chamber, and when the chamber fills to the desired level, water sheet flows into the other half of the chamber from the top,” he says. “This half is filled with sand that acts as a filter that the water has to infiltrate through before being collected by a pipe at the bottom and discharged to an acceptable outfall ditch.”

“Our business model is not to just sell products; we aren’t just retailers,” says Greene. “We distinguish ourselves from our competitors through our customer service, education, and relations. We believe that product stewardship requires a partnership with our customers to maximize yields while minimizing product hazards and environmental impacts.”