2016 Europe/Middle East/Africa Winner

Green Agro SA - Greece

For Green Agro, maintaining a state-of-the-art, environmentally safe operation is an integral part of its success as a wholesale agricultural supplies distributor based in Thessaloniki, Greece, a major transportation hub for Southeastern Europe.

Green Agro, which was founded in 1997, states its vision is to be “recognized as a leading company in environment, health, and safety, strategically managing and anticipating all of these issues are in accordance with the best techniques for the respective industrial activities.”

“Our commitment to the environment, health and safety is to implement our business with respect and care for the environment without compromising the health and safety of humans whether they are employees, customers or citizens in general, worldwide. Each employee is responsible for the implementation of this commitment,” says Eleftherios Lampridis, Chief Executive Officer. The company also holds lectures on its premises for customers on how to properly use crop protection products from a variety of companies.

To implement these principles into its business strategies, Green Agro says:

  • We manage environment, health, and safety matters efficiently, developing, implementing and maintaining optimal integrated management systems including requirements, guidelines, and standards.
  • The verification of compliance with external and internal requirements is made via inspections.
  • We assess and manage performance issues for environment, health, and safety matters, developing annual targets for continuous improvement.
  • We analyze and manage the risks to the environment, health, and safety for the entire lifecycle of our products, as well as assessing and managing environmental impacts from past practices.
  • We promote awareness on environment, health, and safety issues for all employees and stakeholders through education, counseling.
  • We apply appropriate reporting procedures for environment, health, and safety, internally and externally, to increase confidence and acceptance from employees and shareholders.