2016 Europe/Middle East/Africa, Ambassador Winner

KITE Agricultural Service and Trade Corp. - Hungary

Editor’s note: KITE Agricultural Service and Trade Corp. was one of three retailers named 2016 Environmental Respect Award winner for the Europe/Middle East/Africa Region. The Hungarian retailer was also one of four companies honored as a 2016 Ambassador of Respect during a ceremony in July 2016 in Wilmington, DE, home of ERA sponsor DuPont Crop Protection. Here is an inside look at KITE Agricultural Service and Trade Corp.

Whether it’s the latest crop protection products or the latest developments in precision ag technologies, KITE Agricultural Service and Trade Corp. is “committed to the newest techniques and technologies.”

The Nádudvar, Hungary-based KITE plays a major role in the establishment and introduction of precision farming in the country.

“As a result of its research and development activity, KITE offers solutions for the Hungarian farmers, which will become an inevitable part of the sustainable and effective production in the future,” says Levente Szabó, CEO. “KITE shares its R&D results with its partners on presentations, field demonstrations and partner meetings. With these programs we inform approximately 2,000 partners yearly about the up-to-date and correct agricultural practice.”

KITE supplies its customers with fertilizer, pesticide and seed from 19 warehouses. “Our counselors visit the farmers with tailor-made offers and provide tailor-made solutions to the upcoming problems,” Szabó says.

In keeping with its approach to technology-focused solutions, KITE also works with our suppliers to utilize the latest innovations.

“We take part in DuPont’s web-based Evalio AgroSystems, which helps farmers eliminate pests,” Szabó says. “Traps we install can help to determine the swarming time of Ostrinia nubilalis and Helicoverpa armigera. With this method, farmers can easily determine the application time of the pesticide treatment.”