2016 Latin America Winner

Qualiciclo Farm Ltd. - Brazil

Qualiciclo Farm Ltd., which operates the Qualicitrus group in Brazil, was founded in Lemeira in 1999 to provide citrus farmers with quality services and crop protection products, and has since expanded to many cities. Social outreach is extremely important to the company, and over the years it has delivered over 1 million bowls of soup to the neediest neighborhoods in the outskirts of Lemeira.

Responsible sales of agrochemicals, while respecting both health and the environment, are what Qualicitrus sets out to do in its work, says Maisa Fernandes Nogueira, Marketing Manager.

“We seek to guide our clients on the proper use of products, and we also guide them through technical seminars, training and mode of action of products for the main crops. We believe that in this way we are contributing to the conscious use of pesticides and their application in agriculture.”

In addition to its soup program to fight hunger, the company participates in a wide variety of social projects, such as technical consulting and establishing community gardens to employ local workers, all of which help the community understand the importance of agribusiness in the region.

“These projects, in addition to offering work in the gardens, provide guidance on the sale of these products and show a way to generate employment and income,” says Nogueira.