2016 Europe/Middle East/Africa Winner

Terremerse - Italy

While Terremerse, a cooperative of agriculture companies, was established in 1991, the organization can trace its roots back more than 100 years to “the original strain of C.O.R.A.S, which has its origins in the Cooperativa Servizi a Coloni, small owners and renters of Massa Lombarda, founded in 1911 and all the effects of its first forefather Terremerse.”

Terremerse serves as a liaison, creating alliances with specialized professionals to structure and ensure accessibility to services that facilitate agricultural businesses and enhance the entrepreneurial character of its members.

“Training, advice, and research are fundamental for a sustainable use of plant protection products,” says Terremerse’s Massimo Mondini.

Terremerse operates with a team of 42 technicians and consultants, who represent the highest point of integration of the Cooperative. “Through its activities, Terremerse creates agrifood value in a sustainable way for consumers, members, clients and employees, with total respect for people and the environment,” Mondini says.

Through this network of technicians and consultants, Terremerse “transfers to agricultural companies technical and sales training, orientating producers towards the correct and sustainable use of products and the adoption of guidelines that ensure the optimal cost-benefit ratio.”

Terremerse covers its territory with 26 stores located in the provinces of Ravenna, Ferrara, Forlì, Parma, Mantova, Terni, and Arezzo. The company also has central warehouses (Goods Distribution Center), providing widespread distribution, large storage potential, and proximity service to members and customers. All warehouses are in compliance with Italian and EU legislation.

“Terremerse can count on the contribution of the Research & Development center and a technical-sales network, which brings research results closer to production, providing personalized assistance, adapting the knowledge acquired in each individual requirement, providing and using constantly updated technical lines,” Mondini says.