2017 Latin America, Ambassador Winner

Agro Amazônia Agricultural Products - Diamantino, MT, Brazil

Editor’s note: Agro Amazônia Agricultural Products was one of five retailers named 2017 Environmental Respect Award winner for the 2017 Latin America Region. The Diamantino, MT, Brazil-based retailer was also one of four companies honored as a 2017 Ambassador of Respect during a ceremony in July 2017 in Wilmington, DE, home of ERA sponsor DuPont Crop Protection. Here is an inside look at Agro Amazônia Agricultural Products.

Agriculture, it's no secret, is key to Brazil’s economy. But the owners of Agro Amazônia Agricultural Products know that despite the role it plays, for many around the country “agribusiness is hidden by a fog of ignorance that keeps the urban population away from the contributions of the countryside, where the food base is produced around the world,” says Luiz Gustavo Samperi Burneiko, the company’s Marketing Coordinator.

Company leaders view it as their responsibility to help lift that fog in the broader community while they deliver products and services to their many customers. Among the programs the company got involved in are: Women’s Day, Water Day, Clean Field Day, Environment Day, DuPont in School, DuPont Nature, Solidarity Easter, and Solidarity Christmas.

Agro Amazonia Agricultural Products

Employees regularly offer technical assistance to growers in the field.

“Our activity demands special care due to the particularities of the products that we commercialize. Based on this premise, we have developed specific procedures to promote the safety of people and the conservation of the environment,” Samperi Burneiko says.

Agro Amazônia uses the tools its audience is most comfortable with, which for the next generation of agribusiness professionals is electronic.

“Young people in the line of succession of agribusiness and students enrolled in courses related to agriculture can find content in our social networks,” Samperi Burneiko says, as well as through on-site visits and events.

Cultural and sports sponsorships have proven an effective way of contributing to the dissemination of the good image of agribusiness. Projects that spread across the region or state carry the message to young students and their families and to spectators at various events, among many others. In addition, members of Agro Amazônia serve as speakers in meetings promoted by Andav, Cearpa-MT, CREA-MT, and Sectorial Chamber of Agrochemicals.