2017 Asia/Pacific Winner

Amihan Farm Supply - Santiago City, Isabela, Philippines

"This kind of workplace is my dream,, where everyone is exerting effort to provide quality products and services to the farmers and dealers. We also advocate responsible promotion to the area, and we always integrate to our hearts, mind, and soul the ‘5 Elements’ of my company: Love, Integrity, Loyalty, Innovation, and Drive,” says Rolando Alejandro of Amihan Farm Supply.

That attitude and vision encapsulates Amihan Farm Supply, which is based in the Isabela province of the Philippines.

The Alejandro family (from left Kristoffer, Jocelyn, and Rolando) of Amihan Farm Supply in the Philippines pose next to the company's ERA poster.

Alejandro explains that since the environment is the alpha and omega of the company, investing in the preservation, cultivation, and maintenance of it is the focal point. Doing business is not limited only to making profits — what the term “business” naturally implies — but it is also about showing heart, he says. “We incorporate the importance of our business partners (Filipino farmers) to earn a living and have better leverage in the community through cultivating their dreams to come to life. That is done by providing them good quality products that are friendly to the environment.”

Alejandro adds: “I see environmental respect as the main ingredient in succeeding in this line of venture, especially in the farming business. I and my company believe in environmental equity. Environment serves as our feet to stand, our wheels to keep moving, and our beginning and ending. Indeed, the environment is our foundation. We should take part in preserving our Mother Earth and be agents of stewardship. With this, our company assures quality life to all employees, business partners, stakeholders, our valued farmers, and more importantly, to our environment itself.

“Sustainable agriculture is the product of responsible environmental stewardship. Taking these two important matters into one, ‘endless harvest of good yields’ is my philosophy. Sustainable agriculture is not just about maintenance of farming, but also about going beyond the usual through continuous innovation without disrupting our nature’s tranquil existence.”

The positive message of Amihan Farm Supply to the agriculture world is “Planting Dreams.” This is the company’s tagline which centralizes its purpose, first, to Alejandro’s extended family members, his 300 employees — providing them with the opportunity to earn for their families and also to benefit from self-growth through seminars and training.