2017 Latin America Winner

Castrolanda Agroindustrial Cooperative - Castro, Paraná, Brazil

“Only through sustainable agriculture will it be possible to meet the food demands of a growing world population,” says Ândrea Toniolo Kubaski, Agricultural Marketing Coordinator for Castrolanda Agroindustrial Cooperative. “We need to pass along our knowledge on the correct use and transportation of products as well as explain their proper application.”

Castrolanda’s executive team wants every worker to share that belief. True sustainability is only achievable if all employees, whether they handle the products or sell them to end users, understand their role, Toniolo Kubaski says.

Castrolanda Agroindustrial Cooperative

Castrolanda’s Castro, Paraná, Brazil facility.

Of course, employees are only the first link in the environmental stewardship chain. The company works to carry that message to the community as well.

The main focus of Castrolanda was always to keep the cooperative and community informed about the positive impact agribusiness has on their region. For the communities in which it operates, Castrolanda delivers that positive message locally by generating jobs, ranging from operational profiles to management. At the national level the company shares its beliefs by making investments in the use of technologies, advertising in printed media, on the internet, and through television. Internationally, company executives travel to and partner with other businesses to promote the cooperative’s brands.

Castrolanda promotes the importance of environmentally responsible agribusiness by participating in many community projects including Warm Clothing Campaign, Solidarity Christmas, Children’s Day, and Sustainability In Action.