2017 North America Winner

Crop Production Services - Glenboro, Manitoba, Canada

Glenboro, MB, sits in the heart of the province’s southern farm country, a two-hour drive west from Winnipeg. Dark, black topsoil and, in several areas, accessibility to irrigation via a sand aquifer can host a variety of crops led by canola, wheat, potatoes, sunflowers, corn, and soybeans.

Glenboro’s Crop Production Services facility serves the fertilizer, seed, and crop protection needs of local farmers, led by Branch Location Manager Darrell Godard. Godard has been at Glenboro since 1999, and he takes pride in the daily attention to safety, stewardship, and professionalism that he and his staff of three insist on bringing to the operation every day. “We have everything on cement pads to protect the soil, but it really bugs me to see granular fertilizer on the pad,” says Godard. “Every evening we go around and ensure everything is swept, cleaned up, and properly handled.”

CPS Glenboro Manitoba Canada

Left to right: Bruce Bergman, Darrell Godard, Jacquie Lussier, and Brett Vrooman pose for a photograph by the company’s welcome sign.

The current location featured fertilizer and crop pro­tection storage and a mobile office until 1999, when a seed facility and permanent office were added. Diking around the liquid fertilizer tanks with heavy-duty lining has been in place for a few years, and last fall a new 5,000-gallon concrete pad was installed to provide additional protection against spills. “That installation was not mandated by the government, but we and the corporate office believed it was an important protection to add to prevent potential groundwater contamination,” says Godard. In addition to its commitment to maintaining a clean and professional retail operation, Godard and his team are involved in the community though support of local organizations and sports teams.

But the most important aspect of community support is environmental stewardship. “Sustainable agriculture is a high priority for us,” says Godard. “By doing our part in utilizing farm techniques that promote sustainable agriculture, we are ensuring the continued longevity of future generations and the community we live in. Our customers rely on us to provide them with the knowledge and expertise on how they can be better environmental stewards.”