2017 North America Winner

Crop Production Services - Norwood, NC

The first thing visitors to the Crop Production Services (CPS) facility in Norwood, NC, see is the company’s sign in the middle of a bed with shrubs. “That’s part of the image we like for people coming here to get — that we are part of the culture of growing things,” says Chris Teeter, Warehouse Manager for the outlet. In fact, not only is this imagery regularly witnessed by local residents, it was one of the first things seen by a group of international visitors from Argentina, Chile, Canada, and Australia that came during 2015.

Elsewhere on the CPS Norwood grounds, visitors can find ample evidence of the outlet’s commitment to environmental stewardship. At the back of the property is a retention pond used to contain run-off. At the front is a tank farm, complete with a diking system able to accommodate up to 110% of product stored within.

CPS Norwood NC

The CPS Norwood facility features a new dry fertilizer building, tank farm, and this centralized warehouse, which holds shuttle storage and the main offices.

But perhaps most impressive is the outlet’s new dry fertilizer building. Constructed in 2013, this structure contains heated floors to prevent spilled fertilizer from caking and melting, which can get on truck tires and employee shoes. Even more interesting is the building’s truck loading system, which utilizes a covered auger from Yargus. “We used to have an open conveyor moving dry fertilizer to the trucks, but there were often granules that would bounce off and litter the floor underneath,” says Teeter. “These would then have to be swept up. But with our covered auger, we don’t have this problem anymore, not to mention it’s a more environmentally sound system.”

CPS Norwood didn’t demolish its old dry fertilizer building once the new one was in place. “Instead, we removed the bin walls and braced the building to store bagged fertilizers, seed, and empty crop protection product shuttles there,” he says.

To “spread the good news” beyond its facility, CPS Norwood wraps its tender trucks with images of the crops the outlet is helping its grower-customers grow. “‘Agriculture is the future’ is the message we have tried to carry to our community,” says Teeter. “When these tenders are rolling down the road, everyone can see that they have something to do with farming.”