2017 Europe/Middle East/Africa Winner

Doga Tarim - Antalya, Muratpasa, Turkey

As the largest crop protection product distributor in Turkey’s Antalya region, Doga Tarim covers about 20,000 hectares comprising fresh vegetables. The IPM concept is critical to the company’s success with greenhouse farmers, says Ihsan Ozkaya, Owner of Doga Tarim. “We also actively promote resistance management techniques. We developed with DuPont resistance management posters that we ask our dealers to put in their shops. So far, there is no resistance cases with DuPont insecticide in our region,” he says.

Safety and environmental respect are top of mind for Ozkaya, whose large, modern facility is a reflection of this. Warehouse employees are trained meticulously to safety standards, especially on ensuring safe disposal and removal. The company distributes crop protection products exclusively from top R&D companies, and the team is regularly trained by the companies to identify security tools on packaging, including DuPont’s Izon anti-counterfeit technology. “We also systematically raise concerns or feedback from the market regarding the presence of illegal or fake product to our suppliers and local authorities,” he says.

Ozkaya points out that reaching for the goal of sustainable agriculture is the responsibility of all participants in the system including farmers, laborers, researchers, retailers, and consumers. Each group has its own part to play, its own contribution to make to strengthen the sustainable agriculture community.

He adds: “We are concerned with sustainability and look for value-based foods that are grown using methods promoting farmworkers’ well-being that also are environmentally friendly and strengthen the local economy. We spread this message through our direct customers (small retailers) numbering more than 400.” Doga Tarim boasts an extensive staff in the region with over 20 agronomists, who are also regularly trained by top supplier companies.